Uschi Eisner

Uschi Eisner

Brought up in a doggy-fan-family, my father used to breed Airedale-Terriers, my first own dog was an Irish Terrier at age 18 and my first Bernese Mountain dog at age 25.

1980 I had my first Bernese Mountain Dog litter under kennel name “ von Niederottnang”.

1982 I got my first Lhasa Apso female and since this time I bred both breeds. I was member of VSSÖ ( Club for Swiss Mountain Dogs Austria ) 13 years responsible for treasure and and later for official selection for stud use. And I am member of ÖTH ( Club for Tibetan Breeds )

15 years responsible for all Austrian breeders of Tibetan dogs

Judge for group 9, group 2 , some breeds from group 1 and 5, Junior Handling

International and club shows judged in:

Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Hungeria, Slowenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, UK, Ireland, Netherland, Belgium, Norway, France, Luxenbourg, Spain, Denmark, Norway,Australia, USA.