Eugeny Kuplyauskas

Eugeny Kuplyauskas

Eugeny Kuplyauskas (1964) has worked with dogs since 1978.

He become Judge in 1984 and at the moment he is:

The Doctor of biology, studies questions of reproduction of dogs. Has the scientific publications on working dogs, cultivation of dogs, shepherd dogs. The author and lecturer of the programms and trainings on Cynology.

For judges, he has official presentations (agreed with the National Clubs of Russian Breeds) - FCI standard comments: Russian Black Terrier (in 3 languages), Newfoundland (in 2 languages).

His first education - ZOO engineer. Has qualification Top management (MBA).

Eugeny - member of the group of consultants of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on issues cynology.

In Russian Kynological Federation (RKF – member of the FCI since 1995) he is member of the Presidium of RKF and RFLS. The member of the Judges Qualification Commission, and also the organizer of exhibitions of dogs of different ranks. The member of organizational committee of the main RU-exhibitions and WDS-2016 (in Moscow, RUS). Hi Vice–President the Imperial Society of Dog Breeding (since 1872) - member of the RKF. Has a gold badge, diploma from President RKF-RFLS.

During his life members of family Dr.Kuplyauskas were Airedale Terrier, German Shepherd, Dobermann, Afghan Hound, French Bulldog, English Bulldog (more 13th years), Schnauzer, St. Bernard, Russian Spaniel, Basset Hound, Scottish Terrier.

Eugeny study the history of breeds in the World, cynological traditions RKF, FCI, KC, AKC, CKC, Oceanic and Asian.