Christian Janes

Christian Janes

My name is Christian Janes and I live in the Tyrolean mountains.

In 1979, I bought my first purebred dog, a Beauceron-male. Since that time I have been intensively interested in the French shepherd dogs and authored a book on them.

In 1981 the first Pyrenean Shepherd dog came to our house and together with my wife we have bred both varieties of the Pyrenean Shepherd since 1985 and since 1992 we also bred Berger Picards.

We also have had a few over 20 Pomeranian litters and some litters of Whippet‘s and Lapinkoira‘s.

In our kennel we have bred 18 FCI-World winners and 8 FCI-World Junior Winners.

I began judging in 1986 with the French herding breeds and I have expanded my judging to over 40 breeds, primarily herding and working, but also breeds from FCI group 5 and French Bulldogs.

I were judging at many national and international shows (including FCI-World winner shows and FCI-European winner shows) in most of the European countries and in the United States.