Leonard Michael

Leonard Michael

I am 63 years of age and have been involved in show dogs for thepast 42 years. Although I grew up with Dogs as my father hadGundog’s on the family farm.

The breeds that I have been involved in and made up champions are: Old English Sheepdogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Japanese Spitz and Tibetan Spaniels. Under Irish Kennel Club rules and FCI, I am now qualified as An AllBreeds Judge. My Licence Number is EI00085.

I am also a Best in Show Judge and have had this honour in Ireland, Denmark, Italy, France, Norway, Japan, Columbia, Malaysia, Sweden, South Africa, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, Peru and China.

I have judged Pup of the Year Competition in Ireland in 1997 and 2007, Dog of the Year in Denmark in 1998 and Show Dog of the Yearin Sweden in 2001. Champion of Champions in Prague. In December 2016 I judged Champion of Champions in Estonia. I will judge Ch of Champions in Latvia in December 2019 and Again in Prague in January 2020.

I have judged in most European countries and further afield in Argentina, America, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Japan, Columbia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Philipines, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru and Thailand.

In 2008 I had the great honour of Judging Tibetan Spaniels at the World Dog Show in Sweden. In 2018 at The World Dog Show in Amsterdam I judged CavalierKing Charles Spaniels, Miniature Bull Terriers and English ToyTerriers. In 2008 I also had the honour of judging Shetland Sheepdog. Chinese Crested and Dogs Argentino at The European Dog Show inPoland.

In 2019 I judged Males and Females at The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel National in America. In 2019 I was one of the 2 judges at the Adelaide Royal in Australia and judged Best in Show.

With regards to Old English Sheepdogs I have judged the BreedSpeciality Shows in Ireland, Finland, Germany and Denmark. I havealso judged the Breed in many countries.

In respect of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels I first judged the Breedin Ireland in 1983 and also over the years in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Holland, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Columbia, France, Estonia, Lithuania, Canada, Italy and Spain.

One of my most exciting appointment was in France in 2012 when I was one of six judges for the Cavalier Speciality with an entry of over 600 Cavaliers. But my most exciting had to be the American National.

I have also judged Breeds Specialities in Sweden and in June of 2015 I judged the Speciality in Los Angeles. Excited to return again in 2020.

In September 2015 I judged CC’s under English Kennel club rules at Belfast Championship Show. In June 2017 I judged the Cavalier of the Northeast of America Speciality.

In 2018 I judged the Breed at the World Show in Amsterdam.

In respect of Japanese Spitz I judged the Breed Speciality in May 2012 in Sweden, in 2013 The Breed Speciality in Finland and The Norwegian Japanese Spitz Speciality in 2014. In August of this year I judged the Speciality in Sydney Australia.

In respect of Bernese Mountain Dogs I have judged Breeds Specialities in Ireland, Argentina, New Zealand and Canada.

In 2018 I was one of the 3 judges who judged The Bernese Nationalin America. This was a very big honour for a European judge as was voted by the members and I will be the First Irish Judge to have this honour.