Martin Croeser

I have been involved with dogs for many years. My father bred Smooth Fox Terriers and I was from a tender age involved in and with dog with a great love for Animals in general. My first show dog was an Afghan.. She was a very difficult dog and I couldn’t cope with her. I decided then to go into Whippets which was my real introduction into the dog show world. I bred Whippets very successfully for 14 years. In the meantime was given three Salukis as a gift and that breed has been my main interest for 25 years. My interest also digressed into other breeds such as English Cockers, Standard Poodles, Dobermans, presently Basenji and French Bulldogs. I’ve been judging since 1972 and became an All Breeds Judge in 1984. My first international appointment came in 1993 when I was invited to judge in Finland. I have been fortunate to judge extensively abroad since then.. For example, Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark (including World Show 2010), Croatia Split, Netherlands, (Also WDS 2018 A