Lynette Niemann

Lynette Niemann

I have owned and shown dogs most of my life, bred and won many Best In Shows.

The breeds I have owned & /or handled Welsh Corgi's (Cardigan), Old English Sheepdogs, Bearded Collies, Rottweiler's, Jack Russell Terriers , Chinese Crested Dogs, Portuguese Water Dogs, Lhasa Apso and of cause my heart breed the Schipperke. which I have bred and shown for the past 35 years with great success with many multi Best in Show winners. Concentrating on the English ,South African bloodlines.

I am very grateful to the many well respected All Breeds Judges Who came up to me and told me they have judge all over and can tell when a Beadale Schipperke comes in the ring. I am justifiable proud of stamping this type .

I have exported to Japan , Europe as well as USA.

I first became a Judge in the late Nineties and have judged/ visited kennels all over Australia, New Zealand ,Neverlands ,Taiwan, China , Philippines Manila,Czech Republic , South Africa, Singapore , Japan