Registrations opened

After long and demanding negotiations, we come up with good news. Controversial moments connected with the organization of the World Dog Show in Brno has been solved and registration for the World Dog Show is reopened - The 2nd deadline is postponed by 15 days, time for which the application was suspended, ie until 15.4.2021. Let's hope that no further obstacles will have to be overcome and we will all meet in full health and strength at this prestigious canine event.

DogOffice login

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Important information

Dear exhibitors,
With regard to the current situation and on the basis of negotiations that are taking place with the BVV management, we are forced to temporarily suspend registration for the World Dog Show in Brno. Registration will be reopened after clarification of all conditions of the show. We are very sorry, but, unfortunately, this measure is necessary. The number of dogs that will be able to participate in the show will be limited. Unfortunately, we do not know the limit of the number of dogs yet.
In connection with the limited number of dogs, there will be probably other changes (change of judges, adjustment of fees).
We apologize for the inconvenience and we will keep you informed about new facts.

Online payments

Dear exhibitors,
Due to unexpected issues with the GoPay system providers, we have been forced to cancel the possibility of making payments for World Dog Show 30.09-3.10.2021 as well as for the International Dog Show Brněnka on 29.09.2021 via Gopay gate. With an immediate effect starting on 29.01.2021 it will be neccessary to make a banks transfer . We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. We would also like to notify that all unpaid entries are going to be rejected.

Dear breeders, friends and dog lovers

It is a great honor for the Czech Republic to be selected to organize the World Dog Show of all breeds in 2021. This is not the first time we have received such a task from the FCI. World dog shows were held here in 1966 and 1990 and many exhibitors still like to remember them