Dear exhibitors, breeders, friends and dog lovers,

Lubomír Široký - President ČMKU

It is a great honor for the Czech Republic to be selected to organize the World Dog Show of all breeds in 2021. This is not the first time we have received such a task from the FCI. World dog shows were held here in 1966 and 1990 and many exhibitors still like to remember them, as well as the European Dog Show of all breeds, which took place in 2014. These shows are usually hosted at the Moravian metropolis BRNO, specifically the local exhibition center, which provides not only enough space for a large number of show rings, but also much needed facilities such as parking areas, snacks and places for walking dogs.

It is worth a reminder that Brno is the place where Gregor Johann Mendel worked. He was the scientist whose research laid the foundations for modern genetics, which we dog breeders cannot do without. Those interested will be pleased to visit the interactive museum and the center of G. J. Mendel, which are located in the authentic premises of the Mendel Science Society in the historic heart of the beautiful city of Brno.

We believe that the exhibitors and their entourage will enjoy the Brno World Dog Show of all breeds and that it will be a show from which they will take many beautiful titles and awards. We hope that the World Dog Show organized by us is not only a show of results in dog breeding in all countries of the world, but also an opportunity for meeting friends and making new contacts. The Organizing Committee will do everything to ensure that everyone is happy.

Lubomír Široký
President ČMKU